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Bleachers - Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow 25.03.2024

I had the great pleasure of reviewing the new Bleachers album for this site and was therefore looking forward to this gig.

Jack Antonoff is a very talented individual. He writes great music, he is a great front man but most importantly, and this came across very much during this gig, he seems like a truly decent human being. One speech in particular was uplifting but also made it clear that everyone suffers in some way and you should treat everyone with respect and kindness.

I missed the support act so can’t comment on them, apologies to KAETO as I subsequently heard they were very good.

Bleachers did something at this gig I haven’t seen for a while but which I kind of wish more bands would do, they didn’t do an encore, they were upfront that they wouldn’t. Instead, they played us every song they wanted to, 22 in total (definite value for money) in one go. They were clear they didn’t want us to have to shout, clap and cheer to encourage them back on, they wanted to put on a show and didn’t need encouragement to come back out, this was one and done but in a good way.

What a show it was, busting out some covers from Tom Waits and The Waterboys, getting everyone going, encouraging people to get on each other’s shoulders, Jack cutting his finger but insisting on carrying on, throwing some shapes, getting everyone in a packed, sell out crowd to get involved and casually mentioning that the last time they played Glasgow only 9 people turned up. They played quite a lot of the new album but it’s such a strong album that was a good thing.

I don’t think that problem will happy again, this is a band very much in the ascendance who write almost cinematic feel good anthems and lovely songs that worm their way into your ears then your soul.

Jack is energetic throughout, constantly moving, constantly engaging the crowd, but just as importantly each of the band are also excellent musicians who demonstrate their talent at various times but particularly at the end of the show.

If you haven’t heard of Bleachers you’re missing out, they will be back, you really need to get in there early for tickets as all gigs will be sell outs!

Review - Iain McClay


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