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Blackout Problems Release Video For New Single 'DARK'

Blackout Problems have released their brand new single ‘DARK’, the title track of their forthcoming album out early next year via Sony Music/Music For Nations.

Regarding the single frontman and guitarist Mario Radetzky says,

"As you enter the D.A.R.K. you enter the world of Blackout Problems and find yourself surrounded by different moods and impressions, creating a disorientating journey. The juxtaposition of the music, the song structure and the lyrics lull you into a false sense of security before abruptly changing everything. It delves deep into the minds of 2020 where we have to ask the question whether we as a human species want to continue our mad crusade of exploiting each other and the planet we’re living on. And where better to reflect this than in a slaughterhouse where we shot the video.”


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