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Black Water County - 'Second Guessing' Feat. Hannah Greenwood

This single is quite simply stunning, it’s a beautiful break up record, one of these songs that when you hear it you marvel why no one has written it before. There is something in the understated nature of the performance that just makes you experience the emotion of what’s happened and why, the lyrics are evocative and touching.

The lyrics, the music, the vocal performance, the perfect meshing of voices with guest vocalist Hannah Greenwood, all adds up to a thing of beauty.

If this gets picked up by any radio station it’s going to be massive, think First Aid Kit meets meets Green Day with a hint of magic thrown in and you might get some idea of what’s going on but trust me, this is worth your time, you investment and, most importantly your heart and your ears.

The band are about to go out on tour, if just to hear this song go buy yourself a ticket right now!

I need a lie down, rarely does something this good appear in my inbox!

Review - Iain McClay


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