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BABYTEETH - 'Knock Yourself Out' EP Review


1. Look Like Death

2. Worst Case Scenario

3. Lies

4. Cut It

5. God Is A Woman (Ariana Grande Cover)

There was a time when I despaired of the paucity of top quality female Rock bands (I know BABYTEETH are not all female but they are almost there) but it seems the last few years have brought a resurgence to the extent it’s now becoming quite a crowded field.

So do BABYTEETH have what it takes to stand out? Based on the evidence of this EP the answer is a resounding yes. They have attitude, a snarl to their music that many a young pretender would die for, swagger and some tremendous playing and singing.

Any band that decides to include an Ariana Grande cover on their debut EP clearly have a lot of self belief, in this case it does not feel misplaced.

What's intriguing and makes me think they have a big future in front of them, is it’s not all about the full Rock assault, they can take it down when they want, kick your door in when they want, they have control over their sound and it sounds excellent. When you have a lead vocalist like this, supported by playing like this, your only limitation is your own ambition.

I started this review talking about quality female Rock bands, BABYTEETH, like the Pearl Harts and some other newer bands, transcend genres and stereotypes, they have that level of potential. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Review - Iain McClay


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