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Another Now Release Video For New Single 'Trojan'

Dutch metal outfit Another Now have now released their visceral new single ‘Trojan’, taken from their debut full-length album‘OMNI’ which is set for release 16th June, 2021.

The accompanying video for ‘Trojan’ was shot and edited by the band themselves, seeing guitarist Max Van Esch experiment with 3D modelling and VFX to tie together it's theme. The track represents the band standing up to inner voices and virus-like negative thoughts that can enter your consciousness like a Trojan Horse, trying to destroy you.

Speaking on their latest offering, guitarist Miquell Kleuters remarks

“'Trojan' was the last song we wrote for this record. We all felt the need for an outlet for our frustrations at that time, free from the boundaries of our own perfectionism.” Miquell recalls the writing process adding“...all the other songs on 'OMNI' are heavily themed around Stef’s perception of the different struggles people have with mental health issues, but we went so deep into this topic we almost forgot to include our own feelings about the times we are currently living in. This track is the most raw and unadulterated result of us writing a song together, not knowing where we want to go and what’s going to come”


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