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3TEETH Release Video For New Single 'Drift'

Continuing with the series of monthly singles ahead of the release of new album 'EndEx' in September, 3TEETH is sharing the brand-new track, 'Drift.' The single showcases a rare, stripped-back vibe for the modern industrial act, focussing on a more emotive, electro sound.

It’s paired with a music video that provides an intimate look at the five members in the studio. There’s slithering reptiles, plumes of fire, an arsenal of artillery, loads of tech wizardry and desolate desert landscapes, all shot out in California’s Joshua Tree where the band holed up to work on EndEx.

Mincolla explains the track:

"Resignation is a testament to a life well-lived, a life unrestrained by fear or regret. It's the final triumphant flicker in the lantern, the last traces of a wild, fiery spirit burning brilliantly against the encroaching darkness as we drift from the mundane reality of flesh and bone, to the spectral void where consciousness floats freely, unencumbered by the constraints of our physical existence."


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