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snake eyes - 'skeletons' EP Review


1. don't worry

2. listen

3. skeletons

4. wishbone

5. bugged out

We smash into the ‘skeletons’ EP with ‘don’t worry’ a real Grunge Pop track, it makes you really bang your head to and want to smash something. The lyrics “I’m good, I’m fine, don’t worry” is maybe something too many of us say day to day, a realisation from the trio. This track also has a super socially distanced outdoor music video, fitting for the current state of the world. Aptly referring to their sound as “Grit Pop”, the south coast trio are only just getting started, having played but one debut live show before lockdown kicked in and releasing their debut single ‘don’t worry’. They’ve been busy, filming a live version of the debut single in the beaming sunshine of Hastings. Drummer Thomas Coe-Brooker has also been hard at work conceiving and bringing to life the visual elements.

Next up is ‘listen’ as the best builds slowly, the guitar comes screeching in and the bass rhythm follows. We make our way deeper into the song, riffs get heavier and everything is turned up to 11! That raw Punk sounds comes through, “listen” is one to make heads turn at a live show.

Track ‘skeletons’ creeps in and with by far the best music video I’ve seen in a while. I love the distorted vocals, I can hear the crowd singing back the chorus now. Prefect harmonies with a sing along chorus makes this my favourite track of the EP. Heffy says of its conception and completion: “'skeletons' was basically my first proper shot at songwriting. I didn’t want to overthink or over-write parts. The objective was to make a record that’s fun but honest, written with a “shoot from the hip” attitude. As cliché as it sounds, being our first release I wanted ‘skeletons’ to really show the bare bones (no pun intended) of the band. We ended up making the record between my bedroom and Thomas’ attic as I wanted the EP to feel as DIY as the songs. It ended up being a pretty fun and personal process. It’s always great playing music but it’s even better when you get to do it with your best mates.”

Now ‘wishbone’ is a quick one minute and forty-eight seconds of pure madness, fast beats, high energy music which must be one of the best songs to perform! The ebullient mix of Punk, Grunge and Brit-Pop propels the band through ‘wishbone’, via Failure By Design Records, complete with trippy music video. Guitarist and vocalist Jim Heffy says “'wishbone' was a pretty early idea I think. It has that energy of bands I really dig like The Computers or Metz and came to me pretty quick. It’s about people expecting things to happen without actually working for it. I suppose I was saying that things don't just fall in your lap. If you want something, put the bloody work in!”

Last track of the EP is ‘bugged out’ - this shows a different side to snake eyes’. It’s sets at a slower tempo, it has a deeper sound and projects a more serious massage. Maybe this is a sounds we will hear in the bands next release. Overall snake eyes’ have delivered a high energy, professional and fun first release. I for one, cannot wait to see them live!

Review - Jake Williams

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