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Knuckle Puck - '20/20' Album Review


1. 20/20

2. Tune You Out

3. Sidechain

4. Earthquake


6. Breathe (feat. Derek Sanders)

7. What Took You So Long?

8. Into The Blue

9. Green Eyes (Polarized)

10. True North

11. Miles Away

It’s late September, and as the days are growing shorter at the end of a long hot summer (ever so slightly marred by a small global pandemic which might have a spoiled things a little) you could be forgiven for looking for ways of making summer last just a little bit longer. Knuckle Puck give you a strong excuse for doing so with their third album, '20/20'.

The opening tracks ‘20/20’ and ‘Tune You Out’ breeze into your head feeling fresh and new, but at the same time as comfortable as your favourite hoodie (other clothing choices are available). There’s a genuine upbeat positivity about the music which, although not in the genre of easy-listening, does make it easy to listen to and smile. As you listen further into the record, the band manage to keep the sunny feel going even when the tempo slows, such as on ‘Green Eyes (Polarized)’. As a band, Knuckle Puck have clearly made a conscious effort with their tone - and it worked.

While the music stays fairly close to what you’d expect from a typical Pop-Punk band, the lyrical content shows a broader outlook than the tried and tested boy-meets-girls-let’s-all-party themes of other bands. Their willingness to explore introspective topics with upbeat music adds a depth which sets them apart from their peers.

Sadly, the album loses its impact towards the end, with the last couple of songs standing out less than the rest of the record. That aside, this is a great record for a lazy afternoon with as many friends as is socially responsible at the time of reading!

Standout track – Earthquake

Review - Adam Harrison

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