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The Roly Mo - 'TRM' EP Review


1. She's So Hot

2. Diamond Doll

3. Count To Ten

4. Stuck In A Rut

5. I'll Be Happy When You Die

6. Control Yourself

Every so often I’m asked to review something where I know nothing about the band, what they are about or even what kind of music they make, sometimes it can be fantastic, sometimes not so much and occasionally I’ve had to give up........

I was sent the link to this EP with no idea what to expect, what I got was attitude, riffs turned up to 11, some proper anthemic singing, some amazing songs and to hear a fantastic new band.

The Roly Mo are the genuine article, they have the full package. Songs such as 'Diamond Doll,' 'Count To Ten' and 'I’ll Be Happy When You Die' are amongst some of the best new material I’ve heard in a long time.

What this band bring is a proper rock and roll swagger (which many other bands can admittedly also do) but they then couple it with genuine talent and some top quality song writing.

Having done a bit of research on this band now all I can say is someone better invent a Covid vaccine soon as I really need to see this band live.

If you like your music with quality songs, riffs that will damage your ear drums if played too loud, the voice of a proper Rock singer and some proper old fashioned swagger then you should download this EP now.

When we get to go to gigs again go see them, pretty soon you will need to pay a fortune to get into one of their gigs if they can keep this up. I found myself sinking into this EP and wanting it not to end, it’s been on repeat since I first listened to it

Think The Artic Monkeys meets the Clash with a bit of the Replacements and a pinch of Green Day thrown in and you’re not even coming close to how good this EP is.

The Roly Mo - you may just have found your favourite new band!

Review - Iain McClay

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