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The Singles Lowdown With Gerald Stansbury

The Middlenight Men - 'Rat Star'

This song seemingly came from out of nowhere and captivated me from the moment the needle dropped. This is like an adrenaline shot of positivity deep into the heart and soul. The hooks are huge and plenty. It runs the risk of being repetitive but never is for my tastes as there is always something a little different happening, such as the female vocals that pop into the song. Count this as one of my favorite songs of the year. Pure magic.

The Nighthowlers - 'Karma'

Several times in 2020 The Nighthowlers have snuck new singles out into the world with ‘Karma’ being the latest, at least at the time of writing this. This one packs a bit more Rock influence into the Texas Red Dirt sound and could be played on both Texas Country stations and Rock stations without raising any eyebrows. It ramps up the tension as it goes and then unwinds nicely at the end. This song though is not a typical single though as the hooks are buried deep. This is the song that becomes a favorite on an album years down the line. When you pick this one up, be sure to grab the other new singles too.

Spencer And The Elegant Blackouts - 'Just Another Heartache'

I loved their debut EP back in 2018, and the guys are back there with a new single. The guys deliver on some traditional Classic Rock that is rough around the edges and better for it. There is no modern formula at work here just a bunch of guys playing great Rock 'n Roll and loving every minute of it. Let’s bring on more songs guys!

Ella Langley - Match Made In Heaven'

Some great country that sounds right at home with the likes of Eric Church or Cody Jinks. Langley’s voice bleeds character and has a very distinct tone which has become stronger and stronger over the years. It has been great to see her growing as an artist. The twist in the lyrics here works perfectly. This is my favourite original from her so far.

Endymion - The Anomaly'

Surrounded by the other singles here, this one stands miles apart with a killer riff and Death Metal vocals. The bass part that gets highlighted at times reminds me of Death as well as the progressive feel of the song. It contains some modern aggression throughout the song though which makes it feel very fresh. The atmospheric ending makes me wish it was going into another song by the band. Bring on the album guys.

Dierdre - 'Channels'

I have been reviewing singles by Dierdre for a long time now. While her more recent songs have felt more Modern Hard Rock in feel, this one incorporates some elements of older Rock as well to achieve a great balance. The backing vocals in the verses are very different from what we have heard from her in the past, and the beat here has a different feel that becomes more addictive with each listen.

The Untamed - 'Run Tell The Children'

Ending this run of reviews with the latest single by The Untamed. If you told me this was Janis with the Big Brother Holding Company, I would not have doubted you, and that is a very awesome thing. Callista Lange’s voice channels Janis and the likes of Sass Jordan with a rawness that sounds incredible. This slow burner features a strong hook and could have been inserted right into the movie Almost Famous. If that movie had been focused on Lady Goodman, this might have been what played instead of ‘Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters’ in the movie.

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