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KID DAD - 'In A Box' Album Review


1. [ ]

2. A Prison Unseen

3. Happy

4. Limbo

5. [I Wish I Was] On Fire

6. What You Call A Dream

7. Window

8. The Wish Of Being Alone

9. Naked Creatures

10. Your Alien

11. Live With It

KID DAD are a new band to me, not one I’d heard of before or had any knowledge of, I suspect the same may be true for many of you. If they can iron out the issues with this first album and work out who they want to be I suspect we will all be hearing a lot more of them.

This is a good album, lots of quality and lots of good songs. What it lacks for me is an overall defining sound and vision. It felt very much like the band are still trying to work out exactly who they are and what their sound is.

There are elements of Indie Rock, what sounded like 80’s New Wave, a bit of the 90’s and a whole lot of great playing. At one point I even felt like I was listening to early U2! My fellow Ayrshiremen Biffy Clyro would also recognise some of what KID DAD are trying to do. That’s their issue just now, they sound like they are still trying on genres and styles, there is nothing wrong with that, many great bands took a while to work out who they are but it didn’t make for a coherent album.

If they can work out who they are, who they want to be and what they want their sound to be this band could be a real contender, the vocals are spot on, the band tight and the song-writing shows very promising signs.

It’s a while since I’ve heard a band this good from Germany, I get the impression they are well travelled, well aware of the world around them and feel they have something to say. The brief bio I had for them didn’t tell me a lot, that was a good thing, their music got to speak for itself.

I feel it’s only fair to point out there are a lot of good songs on this album, go listen, you may feel I’m being a bit harsh on them.

I will be watching what comes next with a lot of interest.

Review - Iain McClay

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