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DREAM NAILS - 'Dream Nails' Album Review


1. Affirmations (Skit)

2. Jillian

3. Do You Want To Go To Work

4. Corporate Realness

5. Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)

6. Women And Non-Binary People To The Front

7. Vagina Police

8. DIY

9. People Are Like Cities

10. Swimming Pool

11. This Is The Summer

12. Fighting Tips

13. Payback

14. In Other News

15. Kiss My Fist

16. Big Dyke Energy (Secret Track On Physical Formats)

What can you say about this album? It’s a joy to listen to, it’s full of interesting and original music, which is played with a verve and joy that seems increasingly rare in music, this band are going to hopefully be huge.

I get not everyone will relate to all of the lyrics or their lives and views on the world but even the most backward individual has to surely love their attitude, their skill, their sheer vitality.

I don’t know if I agree with everything on their agenda and I can’t fully relate to their view of the world as it’s not my experience but that doesn’t stop me enjoying a really accomplished, lively and talented band who know what they want to say and what they want to sound like but also haven’t lost sight of the very important fact there is nothing wrong with music being fun.

There is a clear Punk ethos to this band but they are much more than just Punk, they are like musical magpies, picking up the best and shiniest bits of various genres (at one point I thought a song would morph into ‘We Got the Beat’ by the Go Gos.) Instead DREAM NAILS take it all and translate it into something which is, intelligent, played incredibly well and is, well, just fun. It should make even a corpse stand up and dance but at the same time they address some serious topics, not an easy thing to do but they pull it off with aplomb!

'Dream Nails', go listen, find the tracks that make you want to jump around and do that, 2020 hasn’t been great for most of the world, DREAM NAILS could be the musical antidote to that! One song alone, 'Payback', should be an anthem for 2020.

Lively, vibrant, intelligent, talented and fun, what more do you want?

Review - Iain McClay

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