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In Hearts Wake - 'KALIYUGA' Album Review


1. Crisis

2. Wolrdwide Suicide

3. Hellbringer (feat. Jamie Hails)

4. Moving On

5. Timebomb

6. Son Of A Witch

7. Crossroads (feat. Georgia Flood)

8. Husk

9. Nāgá

10. Force Of Life

11. Iron Dice (feat. Randy Reimann)

12. Dystopia

13. 2033

In Hearts Wake will release their fifth studio album ‘KALIYUGA’ on 7th August, 2020 while also releasing new single & video ‘Son Of A Witch’ today. The band will minimise their environmental footprint on the release by carbon offsetting the entire process and using recycled materials to create the physical product for the music.

“During the recording process we measured every power socket, counted every light, pound of freight, food consumption, driving mile and airfare taken. We were then able to find the total carbon footprint and offset it by supporting a rewilding project in Australia on First Nations land” says frontman, Jake Taylor. “Our mission to help support and sustain life on earth has made us realise that less is more. Many industries are evolving, and as musicians we feel it’s time to do our part. It’s been challenging to navigate the retail hurdles, find sustainable materials and successful companies that embody our ethos, but through a bit of research we’ve discovered that there are many solutions out there.”

In Hearts Wake calculated the recording process of the album to be 26.37 tonnes of CO2e which has been entirely offset through the purchase of carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Western Australia. The album will also be packaged and manufactured plastic free.

Onto the album and intro “Crisis” is only a warning for the pure heaviness which is about to come. Straight into “Worldwide Suicide” - this track highlights the current climate issues of our world. This being my favourite songs off the album because the switch between genres in just 1:57, we flip from Beat Down to Techno and Hardcore to Metal in a matter of seconds, so impressive. Next is “Hellbringer” which features Polaris lead vocalist, Jamie Hails. A more Metal start this track but soon a heavy bass line changes that to a Post-Hardcore feel. In Hearts Wake are already showcasing a new sound for themselves and the Rock scene.

Third song “Moving On” is set at a slower pace with a soft and hard vocal mix but In Hearts Wake still hold onto that heavy edge we are all used to. Next up is “Timebomb” which has a similar feel to the last track but wakes up with a breakdown to die for towards the end, wow! The lyric “Tick, tick, boom” could be a reference to The Hives but we’ll never know.

Now “Son Of A Witch” brings back the beat downs and good balance of soft and heavy rhythm. We are also teased with a small section of Rap from frontman Jake Taylor. Now for “Crossroads” which features Georgia Flood, a multi-talented Australian actor and musician. Her vocals merge perfectly with the slow tempo riff and electronics in the background, which keeps her soothing voice right at the heart of this track. Now time for “Husk” starting with an almost Indie vibe, we stick with a slower pace...for now because we smash into a chorus which any metal band which be proud of. This is a new side to In Hearts Wake though.

Thumping “Nāgá” takes us into the full power of “Force For Life”, a very good start and musically incredible but the mix a hard and soft vocals is becoming tiring. Next up is “Iron Dice” which brings a tough vocal to the album, reminding me of small band called Slipknot.

The second but last track “Dystopia” takes you down a rough vocal patch and riff glory. Jake Taylor brings those Post-Hardcore vocals back and it’s the In Hearts Wake we all love. Now for the final act - '2033'. The production on this track is full of talent, the consent switch in tempo and melody almost seems impossible to manage.

“KALIYUGA” is different from In Hearts Wake, heavier and full of surprises but also has a strong and passionate message, which bursts through on this album. An album which will gain new fans and draw current fans in even closer.

Review - Jake Williams

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