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Turmion Kätilöt - 'Global Warning' Album Review


1. Naitu

2. Kyntövuohi

3. Sylkekää Siihen

4. Viha Ja Rakkaus

5. Turvasana

6. Kuoleman Juuret

7. Syvissä Vesissä

8. Sano Kun Riittää

9. Jumalauta

10. Revi Minut Auki

11. Syntisten Laulu

12. Ikävä

13. Mosquito A La Carte

This album was a departure for me, but a very pleasant one. In this world of 2020 where everything is just getting systematically worse as time goes on, the idea of listening to a self-proclaimed Disco Metal band sounded just like the sort of weird brilliance that I needed. And I’m glad to say that Turmion Kätilöt absolutely delivered with their unique style.

All of their press talks about how they are an amazing live band, and I can totally see why that would be the case. This is the sort of music that nightclubs SHOULD play! It’s one of those albums that is less about the individual songs for me than it is about the overall feel. If you want powerful, energetic and heavy music (for example, I often need music like that when I start work at 7am), then this is a great album to slam on loud and headbang your way through 47 minutes of energetic heavy brilliance.

As far as individual tracks go, “Naitu” is a great album opener, an absolute powerhouse with a synth riff to die for that never fails to get my toes tapping and my head banging. Another one of my favourites is “Syvissä Vesissä”, which is perfectly positioned halfway through the album as it ups the ante with furious riffage and energy, taking you to a whole new level of excitement.

The other standout track for me is the one that does things a little differently. “Viha Ja Rakkaus” is the slowest track on the album and feels more like a traditional Metal tune that the disco-fuelled beats of the rest of the album. But it’s a great tune, chugging along with a ferocity that matches some of the best metal bands of all time.

For me, the one minor flaw in the album is possibly its slight lack of variety. They do the thing that they do very well, but if you are looking for an album that will provide you a variety of listening experiences throughout it’s runtime, this may not be it.

However, if you are in the mood for powerful, heavy and exciting music, this album is definitely one for you. This is a band with a singular focus, and if that focus aligns with yours, you’ll have a great time listening to 'Global Warming'.

Review - Michael Braunton

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