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Häxan – 'White Noise' Album Review


1. Damned If You Do

2. Killing Time

3. Nine Lives

4. Grave Digger

5. Louder Than Words

6. Black Sheep

7. Crash And Burn

8. Skeletons

9. Living Dead

Opening track 'Damned If You Do' sets out exactly what Häxan are about straight to the point Hard Rock. This trio make a surprisingly good sound for a three piece. 'Killing Time' starts out with a nice riff before easing off slightly in the verses. The songs on this album sound like you have heard them before somewhere are are slightly formulaic, but this isn’t a bad thing in this case. This album is full of good riffs, catchy choruses backed up by talented musicianship and strong vocals. 'Grave Digger' has a nice mid-paced stomp built around a really catchy riff. 'Louder Than Words' starts off with an almost Quo’esque riff before going all over the place with different timings (it shows the girls can play well as it’s really tight).

'Black Sheep' is the song which shows the full potential of Häxan. This time they play with more dynamics by really stripping things back in the verses which allows the vocals to breathe more. It also means that when the chorus kicks in it has a far bigger impact. This is something I would personally like them to do a bit more often. It is fair to say you could easily see 'Black Sheep' getting air play on Rock radio stations. 'Crash And Burn' probably plays most to Häxan’s strength, it is another song you’ll swear you’ve heard before somewhere someplace in the past (probably your dad’s 70’s/80’s Hard Rock collection). 'Skeletons' is listed as the first single from the album and it is easy to see why, it is an upbeat, easily accessible, melody driven rocker.

This album is nothing new, it is not ground-breaking in any way, but that is really what these girls are about. Their unashamed love of Hard Rock music shines through their music in every song, and you can feel that they have put their hearts into each and every one. Let’s face it, the wheel has never been reinvented as it is simplicity in its purest sense and it just works. If you take that analogy and apply it to Häxan, you will see who they are and that they do their thing rather well.

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Review - Aleutia Shannon

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