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DREAM NAILS Release Video For New Single 'Jillian'

London punks DREAM NAILS will be releasing their much-anticipated self-titled debut album on August 28 and they've now revealed its latest single 'Jillian', a song about queerness, body positivity and problematic TV fitness celebrity Jillian Michaels. “This is a song about realizing you’re queer while you’re doing a workout DVD," explains singer Janey Starling of 'Jillian'. "It’s a personal-power anthem about finding the strength to come out; that’s what the line 'I feel the fear leaving my body' is all about. "Both [bassist] Mimi and I discovered strength training through Jillian Michaels’ ‘30 Day Shred’ home DVD, and the catch-phrases were too good to not make a song from! Since then, she’s said some uncool and unkind stuff to Lizzo, which we were really gutted to hear. This song is very much about finding your own strength, regardless of your body shape.”

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