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Disgraceland – 'Dose ‘Em Up' EP Review


1. Storming An H Cup

2. Hillbilly Heroin

3. Harvey

4. Hard Of Thinking

5. Adult Fuckery

6. Clint

Following on from last years EP#1 Exeter’s Disgraceland are back with another EP of Punk Rock n’ Roll. Right from the get go of “Storming An H Cup” comes one of the most catchy riffs I’ve heard this year it’s fair to say this 3 piece make a hell of a lot of noise and are in your face. “Hillbilly Heroin” carries on the pounding with a few interesting left turns.

“Harvey” really doesn’t take too much effort work out who it’s written about and Disgraceland clearly show their disdain for the man. Harvey is a fast-paced track that doesn’t let up.

“Hard Of Thinking”, musically is very Punk and comes off as a cross between the punkier riffs of The Wildhearts and The Clash (especially at the end when Disgraceland go full on Clash with a great Reggae outro).

The outro of “Hard Of Thinking” lulls you into a false sense of awareness as a quick 4 count from the drummer & “Adult Fuckery” slaps you round the face to remind you this is a loud Punk EP you're listening to. It’s all over after a 2-minute blast of Punk with more catchy riffs.

The last song on this EP is an instrumental called “Clint”. When I got the press sheet for this I misread this title as something else (I’ll let the band themselves have the last word on this.. The title is obviously a tribute to Clint Eastwood but also, if your handwriting is dodgy it looks like cunt when written down.. and this makes us chuckle). As an instrumental Clint pretty much sums up all the influences the band have taken and thrown them into this tune. Slow Sabbath intro – Check, Punk Rock – check, Rock N Roll- check, Spaghetti Western Guitars (with perfect drums & bass) – oh hell yes this is so catchy (even the mrs and kids were nodding their heads and smiling at hearing this).

The great thing about this 18 minute blast of noise is that it’s so in your face and raw, that you feel like you're in the room with the boys watching them practice. There’s nothing in here that drags and you are definitely left wanting more. If you are looking for something that has a bit of everything, is raw and not over produced, Disgraceland could be the one of the best new bands you’ve never heard of. All in all a very solid second EP, showing loads of promise and potential for the future.

Review - Aleutia Shannon

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