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And The Sky Darkened - 'Between The Ghosts' EP Review


1. Burden The Hardest To Bear

2. Turn These Eyes Blind

3. The Darkened Await

4. Between The Ghosts

If this band were from the US no doubt they’d have been hyped up and already have had features in Metal mags claiming them the next best things. Truth is the guys are from South Wales and because of this they will no doubt have to work harder for things.

Their second EP kicks off with 'Burden Hardest To Bear', a track that opens with the drums and steadily builds for nearly a minute before the vocals kick in. These guys sound at times like Trivium, the riffs are heavy and there are some great guitar lines behind the vocals (especially on 'Turn These Eyes Blind').

And The Sky Darkened clearly know how to use dynamics and are not afraid to reign things in to let the songs breathe or go for it when needed, which makes the songs stand out even more. The 6-minute-long 'The Darkened Await' features some quite frankly fantastic guitar work and melodies that will get stuck in your head if you give this more than one listen.

The last song on the EP is the dark, brooding, atmospheric track, 'Between Ghosts'. This acoustic based song (despite having no drums) is awash with pianos and subtle electric guitar, somehow it still manages to sound as heavy as everything else on this EP (it shows that And The Sky Darkened aren’t afraid to mix things up). If you like pounding kick drums, full on thrashing rhythms, growling vocals, memorable guitar lines and some atmosphere to mix things up then check out And The Sky Darkened. If 'Between The Ghosts' is anything to go by these boys have a future as this is a great EP and who knows what we’d get from a full album from them.

Review - Aleutia Shannon

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