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Sertraline - 'Clouded Minds & Silver Lines' EP Review


1. Inside Out

2. Mean To Me II

3. 2205

4. Screaming For Sleep

5. Isolation

English Progressive/Melodic/Tech Metal newcomers Sertraline release their second EP 'Clouded Minds & Silver Lines', which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

The EP starts out incredibly strong with track ‘Inside Out’, which sets up the release nicely with an atmospheric guitar lick played over a heavier riff. Their lead vocalist displays an incredible range, flipping from operatic singing to heavy gutturals in an instant. It’s an intricate, winding powerhouse of a track, blending influences from across many different subgenres beautifully.

‘Mean To Me II’ has an undeniable aggression. The instrumentation and production is nearly flawless, with everything sounding absolutely phenomenal, from the intricate Prog guitar work to the heavier blast beats, Sertraline proves they have a myriad of tricks up their sleeve.

‘2205’, in my mind, houses the best vocal work on the album, with snarling screams and phenomenal, powerful cleans in the chorus, it shows the unique style of Sertraline perfectly. The slow build at the beginning of the song that leads into a fantastic riff also showcases this perfectly, and the solo is one of the best I’ve ever heard from a band as new as Sertraline are.

‘Screaming For Sleep’ switches from violent and aggressive to almost soothing and back again with incredible ease, this song will beat you down and offer you a hand back up before sucker punching you with a breakdown to finish, and I love it. With a soaring chorus that leads into yet more aggression, Sertraline establishes a sound that is distinctly theirs.

‘Isolation’ is the perfect choice to end the EP on. I feel that the band lets out all their aggression in unrelenting fashion throughout the track. It has an epic feel to it, transitioning from breakdown to solo with utter ease, proving the undeniable talent of the band.

'Clouded Minds & Silver Lines' is an utter powerhouse of an EP. Every track encapsulates the band perfectly, and is perhaps one of the most exciting British Metal EPs that I’ve heard recently. Do yourself a favour and check these guys out.

Review - Gordon Rae

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