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Noble Jacks - 'Stay Awake' Album Review


1. Ten Times

2. Lights Out

3. Rely On Love

4. Stay Awake

5. Morning Light

6. New Beginning

7. Lift Me From The Floor

8. This Rose

9. What Did You Say

10. This Is Real

11. Enjoy The Ride

12. Road Of Death

13. Noble Ground

14. Dreams Carry Me On

I found myself listening to this album trying to decide who Noble Jacks remind me of, they are not quite the Levellers, they are not quite Mumford and Sons, they are not quite an atypical Rock band and at times they reminded me of the more melodic aspects of Green Day, they are somewhere in the middle of all that and to be honest it doesn’t matter who they might sound like, they sound like Noble Jacks.

There is at times an almost folksy sound to their music, at other times a more rocky approach and at one point one baseline reminded me of New Order. The production is very good, the general feel is of a band enjoying themselves and forming their own sound.

Personally I think they are trying to be an Indie Folk Rock band. That’s just my guess though! What I also suspect, not knowing much about this band, is they should be fantastic live. They have that sort of vibe about them.

The songs are the kind that I could see an audience belting out but that could also see spontaneous dancing breaking out with a bit of swaying in a large crowd of friends enjoying yourself and losing yourself in the music.

There is a hint of an almost Irish Folk vibe at times but they never go to far into that, they are very clearly a band that want to be more than Folk, they want to be something bigger, wider, more experimental but at the heart of it all is a strong melody and some excellent musicianship.

Personally I enjoyed listening to this album, it may not be to everyone’s taste but if this is your thing I think you will really enjoy this album.

Review - Iain McClay

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