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Nova Charisma - 'Exposition III' EP Review


1. The Greater Cause

2. Hurt The Worst

3. Float Up. Stay There

Okay, so I wrote a review for the EP that preceded this one and everything I said there...still stands. (Read here).

Nova Charisma is on a hot streak (is there a pun there? It's not intentional but we'll roll with it) and 'Exposition III' is more of the same in the best way possible.

Prog leaning Post-Hardcore anthems that somehow clock under 4 minutes yet contain a combination of hooks, musical adventurousness, and technicality that is pretty damn impressive considering how difficult achieving that balance can be.

Closing track 'Float Up, Stay There' is the highlight for me, showcasing the band's propensity to take what is essentially a Pop song and mess with all its components until it's some kind of big freaky Frankenstein's monster of a beautiful composition that is equal parts catchy and heavy-hitting.

It's three tracks of compelling songs that make you think, feel, and want to mosh a little in equal measure. That's pretty much all you need to know here.

Review - Julian Hepworth

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