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L.A. Guns - 'Crawl' Single Review

So is this the real L.A. Guns? I’m honestly not sure there have been so many changes in the lineup over the years, for a band that briefly merged with Guns 'N Roses it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride!

Does it matter? Not really, as ever it should be about the music first and foremost.

'Crawl' is a decent song, it feels like it could have been written any time since the 80’s. It’s an atypical American Rock song.

Riff to hook you in - check!

Attitude - check!

Potential for singing along - check!

Rock vocal - check!

Personally I enjoyed it, it took me back to my teenage years, if you like a bit of Rock LA style give this a listen, I think you will enjoy it, it’s not a classic but it’s a pretty good stab at it.

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Review - Iain McClay

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