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Everyday Heroes - 'A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow' Album Review


1. Texas Red

2. Find My Way

3. Standing Stones

4. The Witch’s King

5. Soul To Save

6. Victorious (Take My Chains)

7. All Outta Faith

8. The Crow

9. Breathe Again

10. West Of Forever

11. Without A Throne

Even from its opening bars 'A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow' has a Classic Rock vibe about it, maybe a taste of the south? Once the vocals kick in you’re in Black Crowes back yard for sure. 'Texas Red' is clearly Everyday Heroes mission statement, to be fair to them it's not a bad one. They seem very competent at what they do, but how is it going to fair throughout the rest of the long player? Well let’s find out.

'Find My Way' immediately reminds me of 'Blockbuster' by Sweet; it has “that” beat. Maybe mix it with a bit of Thin Lizzy for full effect and your somewhere close. Vocals are gravelly enough to make it believable but not too far as to make it wear.

'Standing Stones', well I like it, I have no problem with anything the band has thrown at me yet. But. Yup there is a but, are they giving my anything new? Are they doing anything different enough from other bands? I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this album, but is it a repeat listener? Does it have longevity? That’s the million dollar question.

Track 4 is 'The Witch’s King' has a touch of The Cult about it, except The Cult does it better. Again there is nothing wrong with the track and maybe I’m doing Everyday Heroes a disservice but so far it’s all been a bit safe, a bit formulaic

On receiving this piece of music I did what I always do and have a brief skim through for first impressions, they were good which maybe why I feel a bit disappointed now I’m into the meat and gravy of 'A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow'. I’m only on to track 5 ('Soul To Save') and I must admit I want to skip onto the next track.

I’m the first to admit that during this current lockdown my attention span is not great so I’m not blaming the band entirely for my distraction. Indeed I can even see some of these tracks could be sing along if only I can give them enough of a chance. Okay, I have to admit I have started skipping through the album, my attention is gone. The songs are starting to sound too samey to me now. Maybe it’s just not my style? Could be, but The Black Crowes already did it, better, sorry! Speaking of crows, up pops “The Crow” or as I like to call it “The Power Ballad”. Oh dear! I’m officially bored now, 'A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow' has lost me.

I hate to give negative reviews, and to be fair, this is not all negative. What Everyday Heroes do they do well, it’s just I’ve already heard it, done equally as well if not better by others. There just isn’t “That Thing” to grab my attention and separate them from the pack. The musicianship is excellent, the songs are well recorded, well produced.

All in all I think I’m going to go with 3 stars for 'A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow' by Everyday Heroes. They just need to go that bit extra to make them stand out.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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