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The Singles Lowdown With Gerald Stansbury

Shea Abshier And The Nighthowlers - 'Take Me 2 Your Hell'

A song with lots of atmosphere and cool lyrics that will likely hit home with all of us at some point in our lives. This one is not the prototypical red dirt ballad but incorporates more Rock at its core with some excellent heartfelt vocals by Abshier and some awesome work on the drums by Chase Chancellor.

The Blouse Brothers - 'South Jersey Fadeaway'

Immediately upon hearing this, I felt like I should be out on an interstate with the windows down and the radio cranked to 11. This is timeless Rock 'n Roll with a classic hook with influences ranging from the Allman Brothers to the Black Crowes.

Dierdre - 'Bones'

If you have followed my previous singles round ups, Dierdre should be a familiar name from the past. She delivers another stellar slab of Modern Rock here with a huge chorus that will immediately stick in your head. She has been on a roll with her recent singles, and this continues her hot streak.

Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen - 'Rodeo Clown'

These two together are simply perfection. This song brings a smile to my face with every listen as it combines plenty of traditional Country influences with some awesome lyrics where Bowen and Rogers can share a conversation about an ex.

Low Cut Connie - 'Look What They Did'

A solemn ballad that paints a portrait of the dark side of life today as people struggle to get by. This is the type of cool moving song they play in a documentary when they show where everything went wrong. This is a different feel than the other singles we have seen from the band and reflects the deep killer album songs the band has on every record.

Beyond The Black - 'Misery'

It was Beyond the Black’s last album that introduced them to me and immediately had me digging into their back catalog where they have combined Metal, Hard Rock, and Folk elements. This song may throw some for a loop as it surprised me on my first couple listens. There is more of a Pop feel here, especially with Jennifer Haben singing over some keyboards at the beginning. The band really kicks it into gear at the first chorus where the song then picks up a bit of a steam. It makes me curious which way the album will go as this song has grown on me with every listen. Plus, I could listen to Haben sing the phone book (remember those?) and be enthralled with her vocals.

Améli - 'Farenheit'

Electronic infused Modern Rock that would not be out of place on Rock radio is the main feel here. There is a lot going on in the mix which multiple listens have helped unravel. This ends up being one of those insidious songs that I just keep playing and playing as it wraps its way through my brain.

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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