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Project Revise - 'Songs From The Shed' EP Review


1. Another Day

2. Hide Yourself

3. Just A Story

4. Throw It Away

5. Giraffes On Stilts

In these uncertain days does the world really need more Punk? Of course it does!

Taking the Power Punk approach to life, Project Revise deliver a blistering EP with possibly the best song title I’ve seen this year, 'Giraffes On Stilts' (which is a short but fun song), who doesn’t want to listen to a band who come up with song titles like that?

The band are at the faster end of the Power Punk spectrum, the guitar and rhythm section are turned up full but it doesn’t detract from a good vocal performance.

I get the feeling this band are all about playing live and building up a following that way but this EP could help them find a much bigger audience. It has style, swagger and punch to it, quiet introspection this is not.

'Throw It Away' is an obvious single for me, it’s the song that the band demonstrate the greatest control of their sound on, it feels like it’s the start of something great if they can maintain it.

Personally, I put it on loud and danced around the kitchen to it, you should try it, you will find yourself doing the same.

Review - Iain McClay

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