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VENUS - 'Wicked Things' EP Review


1. No Signs

2. Amy

3. You’re Alright, I Guess

VENUS, 5-piece all girl alt-rockers hailing from Leeds, who promote the participation and inclusion of women in Alternative music, as well as a safer, diverse music scene, are set to release their debut EP 'Wicked Things' on April 3rd.

Lead singer GK, says; “With it being our first body of work, we wanted to take both ourselves and our listeners on a journey. Life can be sporadic with what it throws at you, it doesn’t ever seem to slow down when you need it to.”, and this is very much apparent across the EP’s three tracks, which are dripping with atmosphere and Punk attitude, very clearly echoing the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s.

First track, ‘No Signs’, throws you right into the fray of VENUS’ very distinct, unique sound, with Jess Ayres’ powerful lead guitar licks combined with Grace Stubbings’ synth and the driving combination of Hannah Barraclough’s bassline and Gabby Cooke’s drums that remind me of the classic Krist Novoselic/Dave Grohl pairing in the peak of Nirvana’s career in a riotous intro. Lead singer Grace ‘GK’ Kelly’s incredibly powerful vocals are then showcased in the verse, and indeed throughout the entire EP, as is the case with the rest of the band’s talents. ‘No Signs’ grabs your attention and doesn’t let go for its two minute fifty one second run time.

Second track ‘Amy’ begins in a more relaxed, slowed down manor, creating a very eerie, spacey atmosphere, showing the diversity and range of what the band can produce that is extremely haunting and beautiful. Cooke’s drums then bring everything into an energetic conclusion with GK showing the heights her vocals can reach. With lyrics exploring mental health, it is a deep, ponderous and layered track that also grabs your attention, but in a completely different fashion to ‘No Signs’.

The EP closes on ‘You’re Alright, I Guess’, an unflinching Rock track that would feel at home filling the speakers in a sold-out arena with its massive riffs and remarkable chorus that solidifies the diversity of the unmistakable sound of VENUS. The shortest song on the EP, ‘You’re Alright, I Guess’ doesn’t mess around, getting straight to the point and staying there until its conclusion. Every single member of the band works in perfect harmony with each other to produce something phenomenal.

'Wicked Things' EP serves as the perfect introduction to VENUS. The listener gets a clear view of everything: who they are, what they stand for and the sound they have chosen to create. I was fortunate enough to see VENUS open for All Time Low at the Brudenell Social Club, and I am not afraid to say that if they carry on with the energy and dedication they currently possess, I think they will fast become one of the biggest names in modern British music.

Review - Gordon Rae

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