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Margaret Glaspy - 'Devotion' Album Review


1. Killing What Keeps Us Alive 2. Without Him 3. Young Love 4. You've Got My Number 5. Stay With Me 6. So Wrong It's Right 7. Heartbreak 8. You Amaze Me 9. Devotion 10. Vicious 11. What's The Point 12. Consequences

For the first few seconds of the first song I was wondering what I’d started listening to, then the song coalesced into something quite beautiful and quite poignant. It was totally unexpected which made it even better. After that I approached the rest of the album with my interest very much piqued.

It just kept getting better as I listened, there is an elegant simplicity to Margaret’s music, it’s all about the mood, the vocals and the writing.

This can best be described as intelligent Pop music with some quirky twists to it and at times an almost Trip Hop feel while retaining many of the traditional aspects of classic singer songwriters (a long description I’ll concede!).

'So Wrong It’s Right' is a highlight for me, it bursts out of the album in an unexpected manor, it sounds like the soundtrack to a wild and unexpected night.

There isn’t a weak song on this album but there is a lot of variety. At one point I thought Margaret might even be morphing into a version of Amy Winehouse. This is a lovely and beguiling album, one that I could keep listening to for weeks and still hear something new in it every time.

Margaret is due to tour the UK later in March, if there’s any tickets left why not go see her? If her personality shines though as much live as it does in her recorded music you’re going to have a thoroughly good night.

Review - Iain McClay

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