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Mint Julep Release New Single 'Escape'

Wife-and-husband duo Mint Julep have shared 'Escape', the third track from their forthcoming new album 'Stray Fantasies', due on 31st January via Western Vinyl. (Read our review here) Speaking of about the track itself, Keith says... “This one is one of the oldest songs that appears on the album. It was written during our last album, 'Broken Devotion', in 2015 which was a b-side, but sat collecting dust for a while. While we were writing this we took it out again and re-mixed a lot of the music to be stylistically more in line with the other songs on the album. Sometimes it’s just good to let a song breath and then your life experience will dictate a different outcome when you approach it months or years later instead of trying to force it. The lyrics are very interpretive and can be applied to various storylines with only the chorus line “I don’t mind it on my own” providing some sort of a concrete narrative center.”

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