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MOBS Release New Single 'I'll Be Back'

Melbourne 4 piece Indie-Pop band MOBS have started their new year with another stunningly colourful new single ‘I’ll Be Back’. The track instantly captivates with flowing synths and guitars, before bursting into life with its swinging style and punchy drums, then giving way to lead singer Jordan Clarey. Massive hooks fill the choruses, accompanied by the tracks infectious swinging beat, not leaving out Jordan's backing vocals giving the perception of backing group singing and clicking their fingers in time with the beat. Jordan talks about the inspiration behind ‘I’ll Be Back’: “This is my favourite for incorporating a movie’s story into a song, while still remaining subtle enough that if you realise its about a movie you’ll get it, but if you don’t know its about a movie it’ll still feel like a love song. This is based on the character Kyle Reese coming back in time to protect Sarah Connor from the Terminator. It’s about loving someone despite the space, time or distance between them.”.

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