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Caspian Release New Single 'Circles On Circles'

Caspian, the Beverly, Mass.- based sextet who are on the brink of releasing their fifth album, 'On Circles' (Jan. 24, Triple Crown Records), share new song “Circles On Circles”, a rare offering from the primarily instrumental outfit, with the four-minute-plus song featuring vocals from band co-founder and guitar player Philip Jamieson. “I can’t say that taking pen to paper and opening up my voice for the first time in 15 years was the moment of total catharsis that I was looking for when writing this song during a bout of isolation and especially rough depression over the holidays of 2018,” explains Jamieson. “I did discover however that the decision to keep going anyways and move through the swirling circles of gray is more often than not a softer, more gentle and ultimately tender acknowledgment than I was always led to believe. What we did musically for this song is an ode to that realization and felt like the appropriate closing statement for a record that tried its hardest to cover a familiar spectrum of emotions, including endings, which can be gentle too.”

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