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Mush Release New Single 'Revising My Fee'

Leeds outfit Mush have shared their new single 'Revising My Fee' and shared details of their upcoming UK and European tour. Mush’s debut album '3D Routine' is released 14 February 2020 via Memphis Industries. Full of sinewy guitar lines and gang vocals, 'Revising My Fee' critiques and addresses the rise of the precariat, as lead-singer Dan Hyndman explains: “This song a gripe about work/life balance and the generational divide. Income to rent ratios. And essentially just how financially poor the younger generation tend to be currently. Lots of debt, very little home ownership prospects. Lots of patronising chatter in the media about pre-made sandwiches and ready meals bankrupting a generation out of home ownership, ignoring the backdrop of a decade of austerity: ‘meal-deal critique, aspirational creed.’ The younger generations are now told they are not go getters the way the baby boomers, largely responsible for how shit things are now, supposedly were.”

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