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Beach Slang Release New Single 'Tommy In The 80s'

American Rock 'n' Roll mainstay will be releasing their most accomplished album to date 'The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City' on January 10th on Bridge Nine Records, featuring special guest bassist: Tommy Stinson from The Replacements. The band debuted a gritty new song "Tommy In The 80s" last year, a strutting a classic crunching Hard Rock sound infused with sweet melodicism and energetic horns.

Dedicated to late Power-Pop legend Tommy Keene, James Alex shares: ”We were on tour, somewhere outside of St. Louis. I was sitting on a scratchy hotel chair trying to write something. Nothing came. Charlie walked over, real still, and told me Tommy Keene died. I went all-the-way numb. You grow tired of the wrong people dying. I took the “Saturday night” bit from “Nothing Can Change You”. I took the title from “Warren In The 60s”. I took the horn part from “Deep Six Saturday” and the thump from “Turning On Blue”. Look, if you don’t dig this thing, no sweat—just listen to Tommy’s records. They’re the blueprint for all of it. Tommy, I hope I did real right by you, man. You’re the real-life goods and an absurdly sweet heart. And this thing is for you."

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