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Alter Bridge - O2 Arena, London 21.12.2019

The rain and the bitter wind has not deterred anyone from queuing outside the 02 Arena tonight. Smiles are spread across the faces of fans waiting to witness the phenomenal performances from Alter Bridge and Shinedown. Two bands I spent my early teen years blasting from my bedroom and both bands that are well known for putting on one hell of a show. Crowds of all ages now fill the arena and eagerly await for the lights to go down.

Shinedown burst on to the stage with an energy so fierce it infects everyone within seconds. ‘Devil’ and ‘Diamond Eyes’ kick the show into action and the crowd are captivated.

True to his style, Brent Smith jumps down from the stage to take a walk through the crowd before heading back, shaking the photographers hands and delivering a motivational speech that geared the audience up for the second half of ‘Enemies’.

Zach Myers, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch were on top form tonight as well. Barry’s drumming is nothing short of a spectacle and the energy from Eric and Zach is unparalleled as they sprint across the stage. As ‘Second Chance’ begins, the crowd becomes putty in their hands. The audience becomes a choir for the chorus as it rings out through the arena.

And who could forget the T-shirt cannon that Smith wielded during their set? Yes, a T-shirt cannon. But of course.

You want our attention? Consider it done.

The audience are ready. The stage setup quickly changes and goes for a cleaner and less complicated look with the backdrop switching to a row of projections of images, lighting the drum kit nicely. Enter Alter Bridge.

Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips already have the arena going nuts even before they open with ‘Would You Rather’.

Followed by old favourite ‘Isolation’, Alter Bridge set the tone for the rest of the show. Kennedy’s exquisite and soaring vocals delivered goosebumps upon goosebumps while Tremonti stamps down with his fast and furious solos strutting across the stage with bassist Marshall.

The crowd transcended and were elated by the band as they continued to unleash songs like ‘Come To Life’ and 'Pay No Mind’.

Due to the fun that is public transport, I had to leave before the final few songs and the encore but this was unquestionably one of the greatest gigs of the year.

And for my final show of 2019, I am honoured that it was with these guys.

Photos & Review - Luna Louise Photography

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