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Strange Bones Release New Single 'Napalm über alles'

Blackpool’s Strange Bones will release their loudest effort to date, 'Blitz Part 2', on 28 February 2020. A sonic hybrid of venomous Punk and crushing Electronica, spat through gritted teeth, this collection of tracks takes the Strange Bones blueprint to new heights and is nothing short of innovative madness.

As a taster of things to come, the band release brash new single “Napalm über alles'.

“Napalm is my depiction of our false sense of morality in a society dictated by a false portrayal of who we are. Our happiness and mental health calculated by algorithms, and the ‘news’ we digest, which shapes our opinions, distracts us like a toy to a child, lands directly in the palm of our hands”, explains vocalist Bobby Bentham.

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