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YOUTH ILLUSION - 'Terms Of Submission' EP Review


1. Better Off

2. Cover Up And Die

3. Enemy (Radio Edit

4. Rebellion

Do you like quality Punk/Rock? Then look no further!

Opening track, 'Better Off', is a great song, focusing on a man who knows who he wants but also knows they would be much better off not being with him, a degree of self awareness not many have. It’s played fast and furious but with plenty of control and shades of dark and light, quiet and noise.

The remaining three tracks on the EP match, and possibly even surpass, that blistering opener.

What’s really enjoyable is the vocal performance, too many Punk/Rock bands focus on the energy and the drive and sacrifice the lyrics and singing, it’s not something YOUTH ILLUSION are guilty of, they are clearly trying to be more than just another Punk band who are all attitude but with no actual good songs.

I really enjoyed this, if you like the Punk/Rock genre and enjoy listening to a band who are clearly on top of their game this is an EP you should listen to right now. YOUTH ILLUSION sound like a band going somewhere, get on board now!

Review - Iain McClay

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