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spookyghostboy Releases Video For New Single 'Two Door Car'

The Lo-fi alternative sound of Austin Thomas, AKA ​spookyghostboy has today released a brand new song,​ ‘Two Door Car.' The beautiful track, that would not be out of place soundtracking any classic indie film like Garden State or 500 Days Of Summer, is about a feeling of nostalgia.

spookyghostboy says "I often feel for things that weren’t very meaningful or enjoyable at the time I experienced them. I used to live in a cramped space with two other people, and when I was feeling a bit overcrowded I would go outside and sleep in my car. I didn’t really enjoy doing that at the time, but imagining it now, it feels like a sweet and distant comfort. When I was writing, I was trying to express the strange way that time can change the perception of our own experience."

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