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In Search Of Solace – 'Enslaved To Tragedy' Album Review


1. Culture Shock

2. Losing Touch

3. Deathwish

4. Force Fed

5. Survive

6. Left To Dust

7. Silent Voices

8. Vacancy

9. Path to Destruction

At the end of August, Minnesota quartet In Search of Solace released their third album ‘Enslaved To Tragedy’ via SharpTone records. Being on the same label as big-name Metalcore bands such as We Came As Romans and Miss May I is sure to be intimidating, but ISOS, who have said they are “Not confining ourselves to one genre, we are continuously growing as musicians, always working to refine our sound”, have proved that they can hold their own when compared alongside their labelmates.

It cannot be denied that ‘Enslaved To Tragedy’ is a politically charged album, with opening track ‘Culture Shock’ being inspired by the #metoo movement, with lyrics such as ‘Won't forget the things you did, Forced yourself against their skin, Left the visions in their heads, Your time will come you'll meet your end’ packing an emotional punch that many bands within Metalcore strive to capture. This track is also a prime example of the vocal stylings of ISOS, ranging from the heartfelt clean vocals of guitarist Nick Pocock that provide a brilliant dynamic contrast to the harsh screams of lead vocalist Jonny LaDuke, which at times almost reach the heights of the screams heard within Black Metal, proving the band is not your average, run of the mill Metalcore/Hardcore band.

This is further shown in tracks such as ‘Survive’, which takes on a more melodic, atmospheric introduction before the band proves that they work best as a unit, with Clay Saver’s basslines and Derek Ludgate’s drumbeats perfectly matching the vocals of LaDuke and the riffs of Pocock. It is evident that this band has a joint vision of exactly what they want their music to be, and I believe this track to be the best example of this vision within this album.

While many of the old guard of Metal calling time on their careers, In Search of Solace, along with many Metal bands who have formed within the past few years, prove that the future of Metal is in safe hands. This band is the example I will show people to prove that Metalcore isn’t the bland, boring, copy-paste genre like many long-time Metal heads believe it to be.

Review - Gordon Rae

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