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Resurrection Fern - 'Savanna' Single Review

Savanna, by Resurrection Fern, is a contemplative and stripped back song that feels like the audio equivalent of a warm bath.

The double tracked (one acoustic, one electric) simple guitar plucking instrumentation is the main meat of the track, with subtle bass and very slight percussion towards the end and an intentional slightly noisy background - these elements combine well, carrying you through an ocean of the lilting, soothing vocals that take the focus on the song.

There isn’t a lot of lyrics in the song, leaving a lot to the imagination of the listener - From my impression it’s of a potentially lost or waning lover - She’s wondering where they are, wanting them to return, feeling abandoned but with the expectation to wait. It’s short and sweet, so let it wash over you today.

Review - Kayleigh Morgan

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