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Jamie Lenman Releases Video For New Single 'Adamantium Rage'

Jamie Lenman has released a video for the brilliant 'Adamantium Rage', a track taken from his recently released covers album 'Shuffle'. The track is a reinterpretation of the theme music from his favourite computer game, the 90's coin-op classic 'Wolverine Adamantium Rage'. In a bizarre twist of coincidence, Jamie had ACTUALLY tried to cover the same piece of music back in 1995, and recorded it on a tape cassette recorder

"I’ve loved comics since I was very little and my first love was always Batman, but when their excellent cartoon started in the 90s I became obsessed with the X-Men, and Wolverine was my favourite. I watched the show, I read the books and I played the games, which is where this theme is from."

"The little girl in the video is very much my younger self, it’s definitely autobiographical. As a kid you’re powerless, but these heroes gave you power. The X-Men said, ‘that power is inside of you, waiting to come out’. It was a wonderful feeling and I’ll always love them for it."

"We filmed it in my DOP’s home town, starring his daughter Flo. After some initial reluctance, she conquered her natural shyness and gave a stunning performance. Her dad says she hasn’t been the same since, and I’m sure the creators of those characters would be proud to know that they helped her find that power. She also managed to negotiate a twenty-pound acting fee, which is more than I’ve ever got for being in a music video!"

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