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CREATURE Release Video For New Single 'Cold Man's World'

CREATURE share their twisted new video for 'Cold Man's World' taken from their brand new EP 'Hound' out October 18th through Grey Ghosts Records. 'Cold Man’s World' goes straight for the throat of modern-day society, disgusted at the greed of mankind, openly prioritising political and financial gain over the lives of other beings and the future of our planet. The video addresses this by depicting an autocratic AI government leading an experiment on an unidentifiable morph subject who is forced to view video clips for their emotional responses. While being closely monitored the subject is eventually driven to despair as the clips become progressively more twisted... "I've always been intrigued by the dark side of mankind, the moralities of people in power and how they seek to manipulate us to retain control. How does someone get to a point of such extreme dehumanisation that an entire population is seen as an obstacle to coerce rather than fellow beings? The process the morph character endures in the video is not dissimilar to what we go through every day, interacting with the algorithms of social media and the internet. We are prime targets to be exploited and have seen how this has been applied by Cambridge Analytica recently. It has rightfully angered many of us.” - James Thompson (Guitar, Vocals).

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