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Joseph - 'Good Luck, Kid' Album Review


1. Fighter

2. Good Luck, Kid

3. Green Eyes

4. In My Head

5. NYE

6. Revolving Door

7. Half Truths

8. Presence

9. Without You

10. Side Effects

11. Enough In Your Eyes

12. Shivers

13. Room For You

Joseph have pulled off the challenging and ambitious trick of releasing a quality, polished Pop album that is more than Pop, it’s quite frankly sumptuous.

This is a delight to listen to from beginning to end, a marker is being set down here that other bands need to pay attention to, quite simply it's time to raise your game, Joseph have!

This is how you make ambitious music that deserves to get heard as widely and as often as possible. If it’s Pop, it’s Pop with heart and soul but also something more I can’t quite put my finger on. There is more going on here than Pop, it’s more challenging and interesting than calling it Pop suggests. Like quality bands before them they’ve gone beyond Pop to that place where it’s just great music.

I think you could stick a pin anywhere in this album and find something that has the potential to be a hit.

There is a plaintive, emotive, almost Country element to the lead vocals throughout and the harmonies are tremendous, I spent a lot of time trying to remember who they remind me of without ever working it out. I’m glad I didn’t. This band deserve to stand on their own two feet without comparison to what’s gone before.

Joseph, remember the name, you should hear a lot more of them, quite simply, this is tremendous music.

Review - Iain McClay

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