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Unprocessed - 'Artificial Void' Album Review


1. Prototype

2. Artificial Void

3. Ruins

4. Fear

5. Abandoned

6. House Of Waters

7. Avatar

8. Antler's Decay

9. Down The Spine

10. Another Sky

11. The Movements, Their Echoes

12. Closure

Okay, let's get this out there right off the bat. Germany's Unprocessed have the technical chops dialed up to eleven. Full disclaimer here that I tend to have a pretty wary eye (or ear) when it comes to bands that are uber-technical but Unprocessed keeps it musically interesting enough that I'm just appreciative of the intellectual chaos going on in this album.

There's a lot of contrasting musical textures at play here, the opening salvo of 'Prototype' and the title track taking us through the previously mentioned tech-fest of lighting speed riffs and wild time signatures yet combined with washes of Industrial Electronic flourishes and a pretty even mix of clean and extreme vocals. The latter vocal turns being probably my biggest complaint of the album, and that is a totally subjective criticism because I am really, really picky when it comes to my screaming and these guys err a little too much into Slipknot territory for my liking. But again, that's just me.

The variety of musical approaches here is pretty interesting. Hell, 'Artificial Void' (the song) even has a prominent slap bass section. That's not the only element of funkiness on display here either. Check out 'Abandoned' for a positively groovy tune that also packs a giant punch (and what sounds like a zither? Or at least a synth imitation of one) The proginess and experimental factor that is applied in various degrees here to every song is just so ballsy that I can't help but appreciate it.

Lyrically there's an interesting blend of the synthetic and the natural world that just feels very German for some reason, even though the songs are all in very poetic English, camped firmly in the sci-fi realm of the Prog forebearers but not in a way that feels especially cliché or overbearing. All throughout this listen, I really wanted to play my overbearing hipster credentials and dislike this album. It's too bombastic, it's pretentious etc etc. But damn it, it's just too much fun.

Unprocessed pull absolutely zero punches when they make music and instead of leaving you pummelled, you find yourself curious about what hit is coming next. I leave you all pleasantly surprised and with a 4/5.

Review - Julian Hepworth

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