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Meg & Dia - 'happysad' Album Review


1. American Spirit

2. Teenagers

3. Koala

4. Lit Match

5. Better At Being Young

6. Warm Blood

7. Boys Can Cry

8. Distraction

9. Happy

10. Dear Heart

It took me several attempts to get my preview copy of this album to work, to be honest I was getting fed up and on the verge of giving up when it finally started playing.

Was it worth the effort?

The answer has to be a resounding yes, this is top quality Electro-Pop which pushes the boundaries of that genre without ever losing its own inner consistency. It has the feel of a well crafted, thought out and beautifully written record which should be troubling radio play lists all over the world and featuring heavily in download charts.

There are some interesting and, at times, challenging soundscapes, the lyrics make you want to really listen rather than just treat this as throwaway Pop and also sometimes sing along but the singing, particularly the, at times, excellent harmonising, make this record stand out. The last song on the album sounds almost Country in its execution but with some beautiful singing that various duos over the years would have been proud of. I can offer the final song no higher praise than there’s an almost Everly Brothers feel to the vocals that made me want to listen again.

For me, personally, there is no one stand out song, I really enjoyed this from start to finish.

Review - Iain McClay

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