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The Contortionist - 'Our Bones' EP Review


1. Follow

2. Early Grave

3. All Grey

4. 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

From the opening number on their newest EP it's safe to say that The Contortionist are holding on to their spot at the high point of Progressive Metal. 'Our Bones' finds the band continuing down the Anathema-esque road toward melodic, Post-Rock influenced leanings from their previous Deathcore roots.

This attention to craft is well-placed and not to say that the EP lacks punch. It's just more Bruce Lee than Arnold Schwarzeneggar. TC pulls it's punches into intricate melodies and harmonies only to come back in with enough of a wallop that your spine will twitch with the need to head bang, especially on the aforementioned 'Follow' and on second track 'Early Grave'. The follow up number, 'All Grey', is awash in pads and drones, with piano and plaintive acoustic treatment. The fact that it clocks in under two minutes makes it feel more like an interval, which is a questionable move for an EP, and disappointingly like the band was hesitant about committing to a softer song, which is a shame because the tune itself is honestly a beautiful one.

That's essentially the only misstep here though, as 'Our Bones' closes with the rare cover that I think actually improves on the original. Smashing Pumpkins' '1979' is far and away a classic that I love, but Mike Lessard is frankly a much better singer than ol' Billy and the extra sonic touches The Contortionist have added to the song enhance it in a subtle way that completely adds to the arrangement and spirit of the original. When all's said and done 'Our Bones' is a deft piece of heavy melody and progressive songwriting that's short, dreamy, and sweet.

Review - Julian Hepworth

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