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Lillimure - 'Lillimure' Album Review


1. Wallflower 2. Oh, California 3. Lady In A Mirror 4. WDYTM 5. I Feel 6. Goodbye 7. All I Want 8. Dreams 9. Something

This album sounds like nothing else I’ve reviewed this year. I’m genuinely not sure what genre this is but I don’t care, neither should you, just listen to it.

There are elements of Folk, Latin music, Soul, old fashioned Singer Songwriter, Jazz and I’m really not sure what else. If I had to describe this I would say it’s Soulful Latin Jazz Singer Songwriting. It’s not often someone produces an album like this, it sounds beautiful and yet sophisticated.

Her voice is beautiful, an instrument of great power and yet tremendous subtlety. The song writing belies her youth with its maturity. To be this young and this talented must be a tremendous feeling (and I’m sure will make quite a few people jealous!)

Some of this album should be providing the soundtrack to the summer, when it goes upbeat it has that feel of the perfect soundtrack to driving along with the top down yet the quieter, more introspective, songs are beguiling in their quality and sheer lushness. They would work well sitting out with a glass of something chilled on a summers evening. However, they would also work well cosied up in front of the fire. Generally they are just lovely pieces of writing and singing.

We’ve had a lot of male singer songwriters in the last few years, maybe it’s time to redress the balance?

Review - Iain McClay

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