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Junior - 'Beautiful Life' Album Review


1. Girls And Boys

2. Playing The Part

3. Day Of The Dead

4. Don't Know What I'd Do

5. When The Tower Falls

6. Baby Blue

7. P.Y.D (feat. Elijah)

8. Hey Becka

9. (Interlude)

10. Brick By Brick

11. Dramatic

12. Beautiful Life

13. Where And When

Ever listened to an album and thought this band are either unashamedly writing an album to have a massive hit or naturally writing music that’s got wider commercial appeal? If it’s the latter a lot of bands would like to have Junior’s talent.

This album is the epitome of the poppier edge of Punk. Its also reminiscent of several other bands such as Sum 41 and blink 182.

The thing is, it works. This is a band who have that knack of writing music that is going to be downloaded in large amounts. There is a quality vibe to this album. It sounds like it could have been written by any number of bigger bands and not by a band releasing their debut album.

As a starter in a career it hints at a band who might have some longevity about them, they have produced an album that works as a whole, not an easy fest for your first album

It’s a good first album that I suspect many people will embrace and love. There are some songs where greater ambition is hinted at, such as 'Baby Blue', which makes me thinks this band has what it takes to produce something much more special, this is anthemic Rock, not poppy Punk. If they explore this ability they may just be on their way to something greater.

'Hey Becka' has massive hit screaming from it’s every pore if it gets radio play. To be fair it’s one of a number of potential singles any of which could trouble download charts. 'Beautiful Life' is going to become a gig anthem pretty quickly, it has that sing along quality that not many bands can write.

What do they want to do and where do they want to go? It feels like it’s in their hands and they may have options to go in several different directions and not get pigeonholed, will they take them? I think it’s worth watching what they do next to find out.

Review - Iain McClay

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