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Tennis System - 'Lovesick' Album Review


1. Shelf Life

2. Cut

3. Alone

4. Esoteric

5. Deserve

6. Fall

7. Third Time

8. Rotting Out

9. Turn

10. Cologne

11. Come Undone

12. Lovesick

Never has one song felt its tried to pack as much in as the opening song on this album. It’s almost like the band tried to write an Rock epic with a Punk/Shoe gazing vibe. I’ll be honest, first listen I wasn’t sure, but it grew on me. This is a band with a lot of ideas who want to make sure you hear them all.

The second song therefore comes as a surprise in its more focussed approach, clearly Tennis System want to mess with our heads!

There is a real Punk feel to some of the playing but the vocals don’t sound Punk, if anything there’s a bit of an 80’s Indie vibe to them. Does it work? Surprisingly it does.

I found this album growing on me, not everything works, but when it does it works incredibly well. The bits that don’t quite work are still good enough not to pull the album down.

'Esoteric' takes things to a whole new level again, at this point It became obvious this is a brilliant band who have found their convictions and confidence and want to share it with anyone that wants to listen, i think you should listen, it doesn’t matter where or when. This kind of album deserves to be heard.

Is it mainstream? Not remotely, the band will need to find their audience but there’s enough talent here that this band could grow their own audience and create their own mainstream, they just need, and deserve, to be heard.

This won’t be to everyone’s taste but if your willing to be a bit challenged I think you might just love it.

Review - Iain McClay

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