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Tanzwut - 'Seemannsgarn' Album Review


1. Seemannsgarn

2. Galgenvögel

3. Reden ist Silber

4. Die letzte Schlacht

5. Schwarzes Gold

6. Ich bin der Nachtwind

7. Der Puppenspieler

8. Francoise Villon

9. Das Gewissen

10. Schmiede das Eisen

11. Gib' mir noch ein Glas

12. Im freien Fall

13. Herrenlos und frei

I must admit this album has probably taken the longest time to review of any I have done. Every time I play it I forget I’m supposed to be reviewing it and I end up just enjoying it instead!

So what to expect from Tanzwut? Well imagine Rammstein, but more pirate. I know sounds awesome right? Well it is. It was the first thing I thought when I had my first listen, It still stands after many many listens. I know it sounds a bit lazy to liken Tanzwut to “the other German speaking band that everyone has heard of” but in this case I think it’s justified, the vocal delivery is very similar as are some of the song structures.

After my initial pirate thoughts I reckoned I would Google some of the song titles to see how far off the mark I was, turns out I was pretty close, Seemannsgarn translates as “Sailor’s yarn”. Galvenvoegal translates as”Gallows bird” so I reckon I was right.

It’s really hard to talk about individual songs on 'Seemannsgarn' as they are all in German, which I love and think more bands should sing in their native language. As a non German speaker it does leave me wondering how to tell you how wonderful this album is. It makes me smile every time I hear it (and I’ve heard it a lot) and that can’t be a bad thing. It’s a well produced and carefully thought out sounding album, best played loud but will also work in the background.

So that’s it, buy the album, you won’t be disappointed, I haven’t been! Seemannsgarn by Tanzwut gets a well deserved 5 stars.

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Review - Andrew Forcer

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