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Dropping Julia - 'Wake Up' Album Review


1. Bad Sun

2. The Station

3. No Good

4. Little One

5. Into The Woods

6. December

7. Crying Shame

8. Wake Up

9. Glasses Down

10. Sally May

This is a Country/Rock/Pop album but the singing sounds more Jazz like at times, there is something special and unique about this vocalist. I can’t quite put my finger on it but in some songs the verses sound like a different singer from the chorus.

At first I wasn’t sure but it really started to grow on me. At times it sounds like the Country Rock album Amy Winehouse never made, a collection of words I never expected to write! At other times there is an almost funky vibe to the songs, this is not an easily pinned down band.

'No Good' was the song that really hooked me in, even what sounds like pan pipes doesn’t put me off, they work in the context of the song. What sounds like a Hammond organ also joins in, the whole song shouldn’t work but it just does.

This is the kind of album that could crossover genres, it may just propel Dropping Julia into the big time. If it picks up any radio play they could find themselves with a massive hit on their hands.

As you listen to this album, you realise there is a lot of talent on show, both in terms of the writing and also the playing, add in that unique voice and there is something going on here that might just go somewhere special.

'December' is a beautiful song, the kind of song you find yourself sinking into and feel wrapping itself round you like a warm blanket. It alone should be a hit. I thought it was going to be the pinnacle of the album then 'Crying Shame' started, how can this not be a massive hit?

Open your mind and listen to this album now. There is a unique talent here we need to encourage and make wider known!

Review - Iain McClay

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