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Sunday Morning - 'Four' Album Review


1. If I Go

2. Broken Arms

3. Power

4. Dreamer

5. Waste My Time

6. Lovers & Tramps

7. May Your Heart

8. Can't Stand Still

9. We Were Wrong

10. Prove It

This album is the sound of an artist who has found their sound, the singer has a tremendous voice, there is a combination of Rock, Country and, in some of the phrasing, Neil Diamond.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and suspect many other will as well, my only slight concern with the album is, while Sunday Morning have found their sound, thy haven’t quite yet worked out all the aspects of it, once they do there will be no holding them back. In my view they need to find some changes of pace and tempo in their songs that isn’t quite there yet. Once it is they will be the complete package.

The slow songs are fantastic, they have real emotional punch, I can imagine them being played to a crowd swaying along, phones in the air with their lights on, Hollywood soundtracks could beckon.

At times there is a very Country/Blues sound to the songs, I deliberately didn’t read the bands bio before listening to this album so assumed they were from somewhere in America. At other times they verge on stadium Rock.

What’s never in doubt is there is talent here, if this band keeps developing then they could be real contenders. If you like the sound of the child of John Cougar Mellencamp and Neil Diamond playing a mix of Country Blues and Rock then this might just be the album for you, next time I want them to Rock out more but I’m just being picky.

This is big ambitious writing which sounds huge. It deserves a wider audience.

Review - Iain McClay

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